Much of web3 happens online, but as anyone who’s spent recent years remotely will tell you, there’s no substitute for in-person interactions.

A fundamental part of building community is meeting in person, shaking hands, and sharing ideas and strategies for building the sort of open, equitable, inclusive, welcoming, and revolutionary web3 the world is trying to build.

We wanted the AVAX community immersed in the AVAX ecosystem where individuals look to push the envelope of what's possible in web3, explore AVA lab projects all while enjoying talks and workshops specially formulated to leave the community inspired and wanting to come back for more.


Avalanche (AVAX), is one of the most sustainable, innovative, and fastest blockchains in Web3. They tasked [INVNT GROUP] to bring to life their very first Avalanche Hacks in-real-life experiences in Asia for the AVAX community during Korea Blockchain Week and the Korea Formula-E Race.


The original idea was to create the Avalanche House on the Floating Island in Seoul with various immersive worlds for attendees to experience. A complete pivot had to be undertaken however, with the worst flood in 80 years in the region. With a “Challenge Everything” mindset, the team pulled off the seemingly impossible, moving the entire event to a new location within 30 hours.

Avalanche Hacks was moved to a carpark at the Korea Formula-E. We immersed the AVAX community into the AVAX ecosystem like never before. Users, builders, and enthusiasts could push the envelope of what’s possible in the Web3 space, exploring the AVA lab projects, all whilst enjoying the talks and workshops specifically formulated to leave the community inspired and wanting to come back for more.

In the new venue, we managed to relocate our arcade games (the grid), wellness sessions (code break), and even food trucks serving local eats in a cocktail bar in the car park, as well as DJs and break dancers on stage in the keynote. Other features included pit-lane walk and shakedown of the Formula E race, and of course incredible keynotes and panel sessions all centered around DeFi, gaming, NFTs, and the Blockchain.

This project showcased our ability to deliver the best of impactful brand experiences and storytelling, rain, hail, or shine.